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polkadot_sally's Journal

22 November 1984
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50s, 60s, 70s, 70s horror, 70s music, 80s kids shows, alice in wonderland, america's next top model, amsterdam, animals, atheism, bagels, bars, bay city rollers, being a vegetarian, bel mooney, bell x1, ben & jerry's, big brother, bird sanctuaries, black and white photos, books, boys with dark hair, boys with piercings, carry on films, cats, charity shops, cheapskates, cheese boards, cherry coke, chitty chitty bang bang, chocolate, chocolate shots, christmas, cinema, clubs, cocktails, coco pops, collecting, crafts, creativity, curry, damien rice, dancing, dirty dancing, dogs, donna tartt, dresses, drinking, dylan moran, education, eminem, enid blyton, eyeliner, family guy, father ted, ghost stories, gigs, gin & tonic, going to gigs, guitar, hair straighteners, harry potter, hello kitty, high heels, hollyoaks, horror, indian food, indie clubs, internet, ireland, j k rowling, jack dee, jack nicholson, japan, jerry lewis, judy garland, jukeboxes, kid's tv, laurel and hardy, lemony snicket, letters, libraries, making lists, marx brothers, milkshakes, movies, music, my little pony, neighbours, new york, nightclubs, nottingham, oceana, old photos, paula danziger, penpals, pgce, philosophy, photography, pizza, polka dots, postcards, pubs, pulp fiction, pyjamas, quoting the simpsons, rainbow, reading, restaurants, roald dahl, rock clubs, sambuca, sanrio, sarcasm, scrapbooking, sex and the city, shoes, short skirts, singing, singing loudly, some like it hot, soundtracks, southern comfort, stand by me, stars, swing dancing, take that, tarantino, teaching, that 70's show, the beatles, the frames, the monkees, the shining, the simpsons, the smiths, thrillers, traveling, travelling, vegetarianism, vodka, will smith, wine, withnail and i, wizard of oz, writing, zines